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Grant biomass boilers are keeping installers busy

Grant biomass boilers are keeping installers busy
The Spira 26kW which was installed at Mr Bater's property

The social media feeds of Dryad Energy Ltd have been filled with red recently – red Grant Spira biomass (wood pellet) boilers!

Dryad Energy has been incredibly busy installing Spira boilers in domestic properties throughout the South with photos from these installs occupying their newsfeeds. We have been speaking to just some of these homeowners who now have a Spira fulfilling their heating needs.

Dryad Energy Ltd are based in Devon and offer advice to householders on biomass heating systems, explaining how they work as efficient and sustainable sources of heating. The Spira has proved popular for many of Dryad Energy’s customers, keeping Green Room Solar Ltd, the Grant G-One approved installers who carry out the installations on behalf of Dryad Energy, very busy. The feedback that Dryad Energy has received has been positive with the homeowners thrilled with both the product and installation team.

Mr Braden from St. Columb Major in Cornwall had a Spira 26kW boiler fitted in an outhouse at his property. This installation of a biomass boiler replaced and upgraded the old oil boiler which was previously heating Mr Braden’s home. Mr Braden writes, “The boiler is working fine and I am really pleased with it. The installation team did a really good job in some difficult conditions.”

The move from an oil boiler to a biomass model may seem a large step for many householders but incorporating it into an existing heating system is easily possible. Grant biomass boilers are compatible with any two-pipe fully pumped hot water heating system (open-vented or sealed). They can be fitted as a replacement boiler on an existing heating system as long as the system has been chemically cleaned and flushed in compliance with the current requirements of the Building Regulations – Approved Document L1. Furthermore, the Grant Spira can be fitted either indoors, for example in an outhouse like Mr Braden’s, or outdoors when fitted within the new SpiraPod. Alternatively, the new Grant indoor and outdoor Vecta biomass boilers, which will be available later this year, will offer further choice to consumers wishing to install biomass heating systems within their homes.

Another of Dryad Energy’s customers who recently upgraded their oil boiler with a Spira 26kW was Mr Bater who is based in Tawstock near Exeter. Mr Bater is yet another happy homeowner who is “very pleased” with the renewable appliance which has been installed in his property. The Grant Spira is fully automatic and performs like an oil boiler, with an auger feeding the pellets into the burner where they are lit by an ignition element. The automatic self-cleaning systems ensure that the primary and secondary heat exchangers remain debris-free. Consequently, it supplies the property with cost-effective renewable energy with minimal maintenance required.

Being Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved, the Spira can generate income for households that use renewable energy sources. As long as an MCS approved product is installed by an MCS approved installer, for example Green Room Solar, the Domestic RHI can pay homeowners tariff-determined payments over seven years for the energy that they produce.

Mr Forshall from Chulmleigh in Devon recently had a Spira installed. Peter O’Shaughnessy from Dryad writes, “Mr Forshall had a Grant oil boiler and when looking at the biomass options, was very keen to use the Spira because it was another Grant product.” Mr Forshall adds, “My property is a largish five bedroom

house and is now warm when we need it to be. Dryad Energy was brilliantly efficient in all matters relating to the installation and I am delighted with my Grant Spira 26kW boiler. Plus I will receive some cash courtesy of the RHI.”

Following the installation of a Spira 72kW boiler at his property, homeowner Mr Healy from Little Hampden in Buckinghamshire will also be benefitting from RHI payments. He writes, “Dryad Energy did a brilliant job fitting the large Spira 72kW biomass boiler. The subsidies available at present make fitting a renewable boiler, such as a biomass boiler, a no-brainer and I stand to make an enormous untaxed return on the investment.” Discussing the twin Spira boiler install at Mr Healy’s home, Peter from Dryad comments, “Mr Healy previously had two boilers, one for heating and one for hot water. Consequently, he was spending a lot of money on oil and was looking for a green alternative.”

The Grant Spira and Vecta biomass boiler ranges offer consumers a greener future both financially and environmentally. For further details, please click here.

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