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Dual fuel is twice as good

Dual fuel is twice as good

A large residence in Norfolk converts from a standard oil fired system to a renewable biomass boiler and condensing oil boiler combination, reaping the benefits of both high product efficiency and low running costs.

This beautiful 19th century, six bedroomed residence on the Norfolk Broads has undergone a complete heating review and renovation under the care and guidance of Great Yarmouth Plumbing and Heating. The property’s original heating and hot water requirements were supplied by two large but rather antiquated standard efficiency oil fired boilers which were consuming vast amounts of expensive fuel. The owner was also under the impression that being such an old building the heat loss would be through the windows and doors. However, having completed a thermal assessment of the property, Steve Botson (Managing Director of Great Yarmouth Plumbing & Heating), discovered the majority of the loss was in fact through the roof. Prior to installing the new system carefully placed insulation was fitted reducing the loss to a negligible level. A secondary issue was discovered with the existing boilers frost thermostat settings being incorrectly set, these were rewired to minimise fuel consumption.

The property owner was keen to introduce a renewable heating solution to his home, however still wanted the assurance of a traditional oil fired boiler with the added benefit of much higher efficiency.  A new Grant oil fired condensing model was chosen as the preferred back-up solution as this would provide immediate savings on fuel expenditure.

The heat loss calculated for the residence was 42.5kW at -3 deg C.  The main heating solution was therefore based around a 36kW Grant Spira condensing wood pellet boiler which would provide 85% of the buildings heat requirements with the option of bringing on a Grant Vortex condensing oil fired boiler when required. A Grant 264 Sequence Controller was fitted to ensure there was a seamless transition when switching between fuel sources.

The vast majority of Steve Botson’s projects have been oil based, but he is seeing considerable growth in the renewables sector with consumers becoming more aware, looking for eco-friendly options and with the added incentive of the forthcoming Domestic RHI, the potential return on investment.

Having worked with Grant for a number of years Steve said “Grant have an excellent range of oil fired condensing boilers, they are easy to work on, reliable, well made and require minimal maintenance. As a company they provide great training and support and I am looking forward to working with them to install more renewable projects”.

Andy Smith, Regional Sales Manager for Grant Engineering said “It’s been a pleasure to work with Steve. He is one of our customers who understands the benefits of renewables and is actively introducing the option to his customers. With the new RHI tariff set to go live in a month or so, there are great savings to be had and in the long term can potentially provide an income, so it’s a serious investment worth considering”.

This project has been very successful in achieving the customer’s objectives of reducing costs and consumption and should be a straight forward application for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme being launched this spring.

Dual fuel is twice as good
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