Grant Aerona³ heat pumps feature in NBS National BIM Library

Grant Aerona³ heat pumps feature in NBS National BIM Library
You can find all of Grant's air source heat pumps on the NBS National BIM Library

All four Aerona³ R32 models, Grant’s fourth generation of air source heat pumps, are featured within the National Building Specification’s BIM Library. This extensive online resource collates the product data for a wide range of construction materials and products, providing architects and developers with key product data all in one place.

The NBS has the fastest growing Building Information Modelling (BIM) library within the UK, providing users with extensive data on thousands of products from building fabric systems through to mechanical and electrical objects, including air source heat pumps. The NBS BIM Library helps to deliver construction product information in digital, 3D formats. All of Grant’s Aerona³ R32 heat pumps, which meet the internationally-recognised NBS BIM Object Standard, are listed in the library allowing developers to incorporate this green, sustainable heating solution into their property plans and visions.

The NBS BIM Library is free to download, making the product data readily available for users. With easy navigation and clear categorisation, finding relevant products and their supporting technical data is quick and straightforward. Each product is listed with an image, its full product name and description alongside an in-depth listing of core technical data including product volumetrics and performance ratings. Users who visit the Aerona³ product listings can view each model’s NBS BIM Object Certificate as well as sending direct enquiries to Grant UK, helping architects and developers to swiftly progress their projects.

Every object which is listed in this BIM Library can be dragged and dropped into plans and models. Users with compatible design software can download a render of each BIM Object and incorporate it into their own design models, helping developers bring their plans to 3D reality. This interactive function is enabled on all four of the Aerona³ R32 heat pump listings, allowing users to visualise how a Grant heating system can be placed within their plans and designs.

For more details, please visit Grant UK's heat pump listing on the BIM Library site

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