Will my Grant EvoLink reduce my carbon emissions?

Yes, the EvoLink Hybrid System Hub facilitates the addition of a low carbon air source heat pump to your central heating system, working alongside your existing heat source which may be a gas, oil, LPG, electric or modulating biomass boiler. Once your EvoLink is installed, your original boiler will become the supplementary heat source with the Aerona³ heat pump providing your space heating and hot water for a large part of the year. As the supplementary heat source, your boiler will be used to assist your heat pump is colder periods.

With your original boiler operating less frequently, it will use less fossil fuel which in turn means that the carbon emissions produced by the boiler will also reduce. The carbon emissions of your heating system will therefore be significantly lowered. Your EvoLink Hybrid System Hub will control both your heat pump and boiler and the introduction of a renewable heat pump into your heating system will mean that a significant amount of your space heating and hot water demand will be fulfilled by the renewable heat pump, reducing the demand on your fossil fuel boiler.

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Grant's hybrid technologies combine a highly efficient air source heat pump with a traditional fossil fuel boiler to help harder to heat homes transition to renewables.

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