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Is it ok to turn off my heat pump at night?

No, your heat pump should not be turned off at night – instead, your heat pump should be set to operate during a demand and setback cycles. Turning your heat pump off when you are asleep (or away) may result in more energy being used than if the heat pump was left on. This is because the heat pump will have to work for longer to bring a colder room air temperature back up to the desired temperature.

Whereas if the system is set to maintain desired room temperatures that only fluctuate between a couple of degrees, the heat pump can operate more efficiently.

The infographic below shows an example of typical temperature setback timings that you can set for your heat pump. You can also watch the video below to learn more about recommended heat pump operations.

Is it ok to turn off my heat pump at night?
Recommended setback control settings for a heat pump

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