The Green Deal has now finished. The initiative, which began in 2013, was an proposed by the Government, designed to encourage householders and businesses to install energy saving measures in their properties.

Green Deal

Over the next 25 years, the Scheme will allow approximately 26 million homes in the UK to be upgraded. This helps improve energy efficiency, lowering fuel consumption, lessening the property’s carbon footprint and ultimately reducing the amount of money wasted.

The concept is straightforward…

The owner has an interest in improving the energy efficiency of their home through the Green Deal. They contact a Provider who arranges for an assessor to visit and make a recommendation for technologies that could be installed, and could also provide a quotation for the work at the same time.  The customer can then either choose to sign a contract with them for the job, or take it to another approved Green Deal provider. A Green Deal installer is then commissioned to undertake the work.  The householder has no capital costs up front, but they will pay the monies back through their energy bill over a number of months/years.

It may appear as though it is a conventional loan, but this isn’t the case. The loan for the technology is attached to the property (where the savings are made), not the owner.  Therefore, if the property owner moves within the payback period, the new occupants will get the benefits of the installation, but will also take on the payments.

Property owners considering the Green Deal can be confident that those involved in the surveying and installation of energy efficiency measures have followed a robust accreditation process and will have the skills required to carry out the work.

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