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Aerona Heat pump installedThe Grant Aerona ‘HE’ range of air source heat pumps have been designed specifically to meet the needs of our growing band of renewable customers who work in the off-gas market. Through recent surveys we established a ‘wish-list’ of features they would like included in future heat pump product development. In particular, they requested greater operating efficiencies at lower external temperatures, larger outputs to match the type of properties encountered and reduced noise levels when products are in use.

In response to these requests Grant developed the ‘HE’ ASHP range with outputs from 6.5kW to 21.5kW. These ground breaking new units have a superior COP (Coefficient of Performance) even when external temperatures drop as low as -20⁰C. The two larger units from the ‘HE’ range can achieve heating outputs of 17.5kW and 21.5kW respectively, whilst still operating on a single phase electricity supply – (3 phase is more commonly used for outputs of this size).

Although the new ‘HE’ models are larger than the current range of Aerona air source heat pumps, a significant reduction in operating noise levels has been achieved by a combination of clever design features and improved insulation. This will provide a greater scope, when specifying air source heat pumps, for domestic properties helping to comply with noise level requirements under MCS MIS3005.

To understand how efficient a product like this can be we need to look at what COP the product can achieve at both higher and lower ambient temperatures. The Grant Aerona ‘HE’ air source heat pumps can deliver approximately 4 times the amount of energy for every 1kW of electricity used. ). It is important to note, when the external air becomes colder, the output and COP of the pump falls, due to the reduction in heat energy available from the air. Conversely, when the outside air temperature rises above 7°C the output and COP will increase. For a more detailed insight please visit www.grantuk.com

Frequently, Grant Aerona heat pumps are used as part of a bivalent heating system, incorporating Grant solar thermal and a Grant twin coil heat pump cylinder. This solution can reduce running costs even further.

The Aerona range of air source heat pumps qualify for the Governments’ forthcoming ‘Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme’ (RHI) due to launch in the Spring of 2014, and also for the interim ‘Premium Payment Scheme’ currently set at £1200.00 for a qualifying ASHP installation.  Both the product and the installer must be MCS approved to access these incentives.  MCS is an independent scheme for the certification of micro-generation products and installers.

Grant have also developed two very useful software tools, shortly to be released – the ‘Quick Step Selector’ and a ‘Heat Loss Calculator’ to aid installers. The ‘Quick Step’ assists in product selection and will provide indicative pricing. The Heat Loss Calculator enables installers or merchants to carry out a room by room calculation (compliant with MIS 3005) and provides the required statistical information on the operation of the heat pumps. In short, it offers a detailed analysis, ensuring the heat pump is the correct fit and choice for the project.

Managing Director of Grant UK, Paul Wakefield, commented: “This is an excellent innovation for our product, and one which will make an easier step for the installer to correctly size an air source heat pump to a particular property.  This, coupled with the implementation of the Green Deal, will bring benefits to all concerned”.

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