Grant Zone Pump Kits

Grant Zone Pump Kits

Features & benefits

System circulation

Zone pump kits are supplied in three pump sizes – 6, 7 and 8 metre head. They also come in either a constant temperature/variable speed or variable temperature/variable speed and complete with a mixing valve and actuator which works with the GEO360 weather compensator.

 The kits are designed to sit vertically on the header unit with a fully insulated compact black cover which house the circulating pump and valves. The flow and return valves are colour coded to show flow and return with large dial handles with a thermostat dial, giving a clear indication of heating activity.


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The variable kit has an additional mixing valve which is adjusted by a servomotor to mix the flow temperature to the heating circuit. The servomotor and valve respond to the sensors fitted to the GEO360 weather compensator this will give the correct comfort level to the property. A non-return valve is also supplied to prevent reverse circulation, see installation instructions

  • Allows multiple heating appliances to be combined
  • Works with the GEO360 weather compensator
  • Maximises overall efficiency
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Cost effective to install and run
  • 5 year product guarantee(subject to T&C’s)

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