Grant Zone Pump Kits

Grant Zone Pump Kits

Zone pump kits are designed to sit vertically on the header unit and have a fully insulated compact black cover which house the circulating pump and valves. 

Two zone pump kit sizes are available for each of Grant's Low-Loss Headers. For the 70kW header, the sizes available are either a 6m pump or 8m pump. Meanwhile, for the 165kW header, either a 7m pump or 8m pump is available. Each of these also come in either a constant temperature/variable speed option or a variable temperature/variable speed option.



Features & benefits

  • *5 year guarantee (subject to T&C’s)
  • Designed to work with Grant Low-loss Headers
  • Compatible with Grant GEO360 weather compensator
  • The flow and return valves, housed within the kits, are colour coded to show flow and return with large handles incorporating a thermostat dial, giving a clear indication of the flow or return temperature
  • Variable temperature pump kit includes a mixing valve and actuator and is used when weather compensation (using a Grant GEO360) is required
  • Variable temperature pump kit also includes a non-return valve to prevent reverse circulation



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