Grant GEO360 Weather Compensator

Grant GEO360 Weather Compensator

5 Year guarantee*

The GEO360 (Grant Efficiency Optimiser) is a weather compensation control system which monitors the outside air temperature and determines the required system water temperature for the current conditions.

It is a control system comprising of a controller, two pipe sensors together with an internal and external air sensor, coupled to a mixing valve. With the information retrieved through the outdoor air sensor (fitted on a north facing wall), the GEO360 determines whether or not the heat source (such as a boiler or heat pump) needs to start and it can adjust the system water temperature to match a heat output closer to the needs of the home. 


Features & benefits

  • *5 year guarantee (subject to T&C’s)
  • The unit monitors weather conditions throughout the year so that the correct flow and return temperatures are maintained, thereby enabling the heat source to operate efficiently
  • System reacts promptly to internal and external temperature changes making it easier to maintain a more comfortable temperature within the home
  • Helps a boiler to use less fuel, lowering heating bills and CO2 emissions
  • Cost effective to install and run
What is weather compensation?

What is weather compensation?

Weather compensation controls can help a heat source to operate at its optimum performance which in turn can help lower the running costs for home heating. To read more about how weather compensation helps a heating system, please visit our Knowledge Hub here



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