Unlock the benefits of renewable energy in off-gas areas with the new Grant VortexAir.

Why join the hybrid revolution?

Each year, thousands of older oil boilers are changed, most often as distress purchases and requiring a quick replacement heating solution. In these situations, there is often very little opportunity to choose an alternative fuel source, such as a renewable technology, as the work involved in updating the system would leave the property without heating for an extended period of term. Consequently, a different approach to resolving this problem is therefore required – for example, a hybrid.

The revolutionary new VortexAir has been developed by Grant’s R&D Team and combines a Grant VortexBlue condensing oil-fired boiler, featuring the latest blue flame burner technology, with a new Aerona³ inverter driven air source heat pump. This innovation combines two of the most cost effective forms of fuel – oil and renewables – ensuring that they are never without heat and fuel bills are kept to a minimum.

The Grant VortexAir joins the benefits of an air source heat pump with the latest blue flame oil boiler technology, offering homeowners the best of both worlds.

Seamless Changeover

If a householder already has an oil boiler and is thinking of changing to a heat pump, the VortexAir allows them to make the change seamlessly without the added cost of having to resize and replace radiators, or possibly being without heating while the heat pump is being installed. The VortexAir’s unique arrangement allows the oil boiler to be installed first (either internally or externally) as a stand-alone unit replacing an older oil-fired appliance and providing the household with immediate heat and hot water. The heat pump is then installed externally (either joining the externally located oil boiler and creating a single unit, or being located outside of the building where the boiler is located inside), completing this two-stage installation with minimum disruption to the home.

Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump

With the recent fluctuations in price and supply of fossil fuels, air source heat pumps offer both an environmentally and economically sustainable alternative. The heat source used by Grant Aerona³ heat pumps is entirely renewable which helps reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere and, in doing so, lowers the carbon footprint of the home.

Blue Flame Oil Boiler Technology

The Grant Vortex oil-fired boiler is renowned for its high efficiency and reliability, making it the perfect back-up heat source. The VortexBlue boiler models incorporate the latest blue flame technology, a Riello RDB Blu burner with low NOx emissions, and are leading the way in oil heating appliances. This is the reason why Grant have combined this appliance with an Aerona³ to create the VortexAir.


The Grant VortexAir Hybrid guarantee consists of one guarantee for the Hybrid’s oil boiler and one for the Hybrid’s heat pump. The guarantee period of the Grant VortexAir’s boiler element will commence from the date the oil boiler is installed. The guarantee period of the heat pump element will commence from the date the heat pump is installed. If the installation of the heat pump is more than three months from the date of installation of the oil boiler, the heat pump’s guarantee period will commence three months from the date of installation of the oil boiler.

Grant Engineering (UK) Limited guarantees the manufacture of the boiler and heat pump for a period of twelve months from the date of installation, unless the installation is more than six months from the date of purchase, in which case the guarantee period will commence six months from the date of purchase, provided that the Hybrid has been installed in full accordance with the installation and servicing manual issued. This will be extended to a total period of two years if the Hybrid is registered with Grant Engineering (UK) Limited within thirty days of installation and serviced at twelve monthly intervals. On completion of the installation, the VortexAir Hybrid must be commissioned and the online guarantee registration submitted to Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd.



Hybrid Case Studies