Utilising the power of the sun to provide homes with hot water cleanly and sustainably

What are the benefits of solar?

Solar thermal is an excellent alternative to traditional energy sources. With zero carbon emissions and an inexhaustible supply of sunshine (even in the UK!) solar technology is good for the environment and is an excellent way for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint as part of a wider lifestyle choice. Adding solar heating technology to a property may make it more desirable to potential buyers, as the home would be less susceptible to the fluctuation in heating prices.

Solar thermal is a clean and sustainable method of providing homes with hot water. As with all Grant products the technology is simple but highly efficient, providing an environmentally responsible and cost effective alternative to traditional energy sources.

How a solar thermal system works

The basic principle is easy to explain. If you leave a garden hose on the ground exposed to the sun, in a short time the water within will become hot. Solar thermal collectors work in very much the same way, only more efficiently. Roof-mounted solar collectors are connected to a coil containing a special glycol/ water solution. This heated fluid is circulated from the panel to a cylinder where the heat is transferred to produce hot water.

What is included in the Grant Solar Thermal Range?

The Grant Solar Thermal Range includes:

  • a high efficiency flat plate collector
  • multi-functional controller with LCD display
  • in-roof, on-roof and flat-roof mounting arrangements
  • the unique Grant CombiSOL to integrate solar thermal with combination boilers
  • the Grant WinterSOL which provides a fully heated cylinder of hot water during periods of low thermal gain

The benefits of Grant Solar

Grant Solar provides an efficient and environmentally responsible solution to the use of fossil fuels. All Grant products and components are rigorously tested to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability and over time deliver significant cost savings.

Grant Solar collectors can be installed on sloping roofs using either an on-roof or in-roof mounting system or on flat roofs if required, and the self-cleaning glass keeps maintenance to a minimum.

The Grant solar controller automates the operation of the system making ownership easy to run and stress free. The Grant solar pump station has been designed with the installer in mind, incorporating an air eliminator and manual bleed screw for rapid air removal, without the need to bleed the panels from the roof.


2015 solar diagram GSDX1 controller LABELLED low res


Grant Solar Thermal Systems are covered by a unique 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, subject to the system and its components (including collectors, fixings etc) being supplied by Grant UK as a kit. All guarantees are from the date of installation, unless the installation is more than six months from the date of purchase in which case the guarantee period will commence six months from the date of purchase. Guarantees are subject to the system being installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and, on completion of the installation, the system should be registered online with Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd. Please note, Grant UK do not guarantee mixed systems which include parts or collectors that have been supplied by another manufacturer.

Solar Thermal Case Studies

Townsends take up renewables

Established in 1945, W.J Townsend & Son is a family run business providing domestic customers in Towcester and surrounding areas with a comprehensive range of plumbing and heating services. The business has been in the family for over 75 years with William John Townsend, founding the company. Andy his sonRead More

Waveney District Council benefits with Grant Solar

Waveney District Council’s Manor Court sheltered housing scheme in Lowestoft, has not only increased the efficiencies of energy usage through the use of renewable technologies from Grant UK, but is also generating revenue from the production of electricity via the Governments’ ‘Feed-in Tariff’ (FIT) scheme. The Council in conjunction withRead More

Grant Solar tops prestigious Ochre Yards development

Thanks to Grant UK, residents of Block 7, Bellway Homes’ latest phase of the prestigious Ochre Yards development in Gateshead are enjoying ‘free’ hot water. Installed by John N Dunn Group Ltd to satisfy local Building Regulation requirements, the fifteen collector on-roof Aurora Solar Thermal System will generate a minimumRead More

Grant Renewables provide solution for Grade II building

The Sail Loft, a Grade II listed building in Cowes on the Isle of Wight has undergone a major refurbishment to provide open plan office space for a charity which is looking to expand. To make the building as energy efficient as possible, a range of renewable technologies from GrantRead More

Grant renewables installed in hostel for homeless

  The Battery Street Hostel for Signpost Housing is a 46-bed homeless hostel situated in the Stonehouse area of Plymouth, built to provide housing for some of the city’s most vulnerable people.  Completed in July 2011 and located just off Union Street, the building replaced the Ship Hostel, which didn’tRead More

Green heating for 18th century estate

A historic Derbyshire country house, set in over 300 acres of trees and parkland is captivating visitors with its green approach to heating, by prominently displaying Grant Renewables in its gardens.  The magnificent family owned Locko Estate is the current ancestral home of the Drury-Lowe family.  It dates back toRead More