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Vortex Blue: External

10 Year guarantee*

Vortex Blue: External

Grant VortexBlue Blue Flame boilers incorporate the very latest low NOx Riello oil burner technology.

This means that the Grant VortexBlue boilers not only meet current NOx emissions targets but are future proofed against any future stringent low NOx emissions targets.

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Features & benefits

The Grant VortexBlue external modules have some of the highest oil-fired boiler efficiencies available today. These models are ideal for situations where a white cased kitchen/utility version is not always the best solution, possible due to limited space within the home.

All modules include a factory fitted multi-directional flue, high quality external powder coated casing, built in frost protection, mains isolating switch and a test switch. Just as other VortexBlue boilers, this range also incorporates Riello‘s RDB Blu burner technology teamed with our patented Vortex stainless steel heat exchanger.


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Sealed System Kits

Grant VortexBlue external modules can be converted to sealed system operation by purchasing a pre-assembled kit from Grant UK. This includes an expansion vessel (size varies), automatic air vent, pressure relief valve and circulating pump. A filling loop and pressure gauge are also supplied as part of the kit. These can be fitted within the module casing, or ideally in a convenient site within the building, located between the cold main and central heating return.

  • Compliant with September 2018 low NOx legislation
  • Outputs of 15-21, 21-26 and 26-36kW
  • 90.7- 93.3% Gross SAP2009 annual efficiency
  • 10 year guarantee when installed by a G1 accredited installer (T&C’s apply)
  • Market-leading Riello Blue Flame burner
  • Factory-fitted multi-directional flue
  • High quality, external powder-coated casing
  • Built-in frost protection
  • Main isolating switch and a test switch
Blue Flame Technology

Blue Flame Technology

Grant and Riello’s R&D have together successfully matched and field trialled this new range of innovative appliances. 

As the name suggests, the flame produced is blue in colour, rather than the usual yellow colour of the standard burners fitted in our current Grant Vortex range, which results in a much cleaner combustion process. All of the Grant VortexBlue boilers operate at the very high efficiency levels expected of the Grant Vortex condensing range and have the added benefit of producing extremely low NOx emissions.

In 2018, oil fired boilers installed in the UK will have to meet lower NOx emission targets. Furthermore, it is likely that even more stringent emission levels will be set in future years, so Grant have taken the decision to try and future proof oil fired appliances by moving to very low NOx, Blue Flame technology today.

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Product code
Set Output
Max Output
NOx Emissions
Energy Rating
Load Profile
Energy Label
Product Fiche
VTXBFOM21 Grant VortexBlue External 21 (15-21kW) 21kW 21kW 143.0kg 908mm 505mm 1005mm 90.81 class 3 a Heating - View View
VTXBFOM26 Grant VortexBlue External 26 (21-26kW) 26kW 26kW 143.0kg 908mm 505mm 1005mm 91.71 TBC a Heating - View View
VTXBFOM36 Grant VortexBlue External 36 (26-36kW) 36kW 36kW 162kg 908mm 505mm 1005mm 94.56 Class 3 a Heating - View View



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