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Grant Vecta: Internal

5 Year guarantee*

Grant Vecta: Internal

The Vecta is a revolutionary new condensing wood pellet boiler designed and manufactured by Grant. Developed as either, a direct replacement for a floor standing fossil fuelled boiler or as a renewable alternative in any home, it makes biomass heating a viable alternative for off-gas properties. 
Its quiet operation and sleek white casing makes the Vecta ideal for installation within a kitchen or utility environment, and its patented condensing technology guarantees an exceptionally high efficiency level.
Available in a modulating output of 4-16kW, the Vecta can be the perfect option for rural homeowners looking to reduce heating bills and, as they are MCS approved, it is also possible take advantage of the current financial incentives under the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

a+ Heating

Features & benefits

The Vecta is a perfect option for rural homeowners looking to reduce heating bills and take advantage of the financial incentives under the Domestic RHI.

Its quiet operation and sleek casing makes the Vecta ideal for installation within a kitchen or utility environment, and its patented condensing technology guarantees the highest efficiency possible. 

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Weather compensation

The appliance can cleverly monitor the outside temperature and adjust the system water temperature to match a heat output closer to the needs of the home, thereby using less fuel and making the whole heating system more efficient. In fact, the system will adapt before it even feels too cold or too hot.

Filling the Vecta’s hopper

With a 60kg top fill integral pellet hopper the Vecta is designed to be bag filled.  Having no separate hopper means that the boiler is not only compact but far more versatile when it comes to siting. Alternatively, there is also the option of utilising a bulk store and vacuum system which will automatically fill the integral hopper for convenience.

Internal Side Pellet Store

The Vecta Internal is also available with an optional bolt on store which can increase the combined pellet storage capacity. This white cased side store (Part Code: WVP4/16STORE) has a capacity of 140kg and fits to the right hand side of the boiler only.

The store’s hinged lid with gas struts allows for top fill. Coming complete with a feed auger and cable, the combined pellet storage capacity of the side store alongside the boiler becomes 200kg.


The Vecta benefits from a self-cleaning function that periodically cleans the burner and heat exchangers reducing the need for regular maintenance other than emptying the ash pan. Routine servicing is straight forward with the burner and heat exchanger being easily accessible from the front of the boiler. This is required when the control due, or after 12 months, whichever comes first.

  • *5 year guarantee when installed by a G1 installer. Subject to T&C's
  • Fitted with Weather compensation and Lambda Sensor
  • Automatic pellet feed and ignition
  • Top fill 60kg integrated hopper
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Nett efficiency of 90.6% (reduced load) up to 94.8% (full load)
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Intelligent electronic monitoring
  • Quiet operation

Government incentives

Government initiatives and legislation are designed to support the installation of efficient heating systems and sustainable technologies.

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