New Vortex Boiler Houses welcome two homes to the red side

Two Grant Vortex Boiler House models, with their eye-catching red case, have recently been installed at properties in Dorset, delivering reliable home heating with their iconic new look.

In September this year, Grant UK launched new models to join its Vortex oil fired condensing boiler range. Six new Vortex Boiler House boilers were unveiled, ranging in size from 15kW up to 70kW, with a fresh look. Replacing the previous four models which were blue cased, the new Vortex Boiler Houses have a powder coated casing in Grant’s iconic red.

Boiler house models offer a solution for properties where the boiler location is difficult to access and where a white cased utility version is not the most suitable. Incorporating Grant’s patented heat exchangers and turbulator baffle system, the Vortex Boiler House range is ultra-efficient, achieving seasonal efficiencies of up to 93.3% (SAP 2009).

Alec’s first red Vortex Boiler House installation, a 15/21kW model

Two smaller sized Vortex Boiler House models are now also available (a 15-21kW boiler and a 21-26kW boiler) following feedback from heating engineers in the field. These models will cater for smaller properties, further expanding the product offering that the Grant Vortex range offers to installers and their end-users. One installer whose eye was caught by these two smaller models was Alec McDonald of Oil Heating Services Ltd, a G-One installer based in Dorchester. When the red cased boilers became available, Alec was one of the first engineers to order, fitting them for his customers within a month of their launch.

The first red Vortex Boiler House that Alec installed was at a three bedroom semi-detached property which had previously been heated by a boiler which was over two decades old. “The new Vortex has replaced an old boiler which was originally fitted second hand twenty-three years ago,” writes Alec. “As well as being oversized for the property, the old boiler was connected to the hot water cylinder via gravity then a pump which was controlled by a room thermostat for the central heating – all in all, it was not a very efficient configuration.

“The gravity hot water circuit was also connected to a redundant back-boiler on an open fire which itself had not been lit for thirteen years. We removed the back-boiler from the system and then connected the new boiler house model in a fully pumped configuration for hot water and the central heating. Due to the house being an ex-authority brick building, measuring 6.5m by 9m alongside a small rear extension, we no longer required the 20-25kW boiler so Grant’s new 15-21kW Vortex Boiler House model more than covered the property’s heating needs. There should be quite a considerable saving on fuel with this new boiler in place.”

The Vortex Boiler House’s new red look is eye-catching

Alec McDonald, who has been a member of the G-One Installer Scheme since its launch over five years ago, is familiar with all of Grant’s oil boilers, regularly installing and servicing Vortex models. “When it came to selecting the right boiler for this property, the homeowner took my lead,” comments Alec. “I recommended the boiler house model for this particular installation due its location in a block built garage which was remote from the house. The environment was on the dusty side so the boiler house’s powder coated casing was more appropriate for these conditions. The customer also liked the look of the boiler, with its striking red colour, and the price point was also attractive.”

The homeowner spoke to Grant UK following the installation and gave their feedback. “The new boiler is very neat and tidy – it is considerably smaller than my previous boiler which took up quite some space. Alec, the installing engineer, was excellent completing the job efficiently. He has serviced my heating system for many years and I am always happy with Alec’s standard of work.”

Alec’s second red Boiler House installation, the 21/26kW model

Shortly after completing this install, Alec had a second customer whose property also suited a Vortex Boiler House. For this installation, a 21-26kW model was selected. “The smaller Vortex Boiler House models launched just in time for this installation,” writes Alec. “The property needed a boiler house model for several reasons. Firstly, it needed to connect with the flue at 45°. Secondly, the boiler was being installed within a fireproof room in a thatched building so a white cased utility model would not have been suitable or necessary.”

Commenting about both of these installs, Alec found the new Vortex Boiler House installer-friendly to work with. Alec writes, “The boiler installations were very straightforward, as per previous installations of Grant products, so the familiarity was there with this new Vortex.” Furthermore, Alec is leaving both of his customers with the peace of mind that comes with the 5 year guarantee that, as a G-One installer, he can offer on both of these boilers.

Their red hot new look helps Grant’s Vortex Boiler House range stand out. With their distinctive appearance and exceptional efficiencies, no doubt these new Vortex Boiler Houses will be attracting plenty more installers and homeowners to the red side.

For more details, please visit the Grant Vortex Boiler House product page.

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New Vortex Boiler Houses welcome two homes to the red side

Two Grant Vortex Boiler House models, with their eye-catching red case, have recently been installed at properties in Dorset, delivering reliable home heating with their iconic new look. In September this year, Grant UK launched new models to join its Vortex oil fired condensing boiler range. Six new Vortex BoilerRead More

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