Grant oil boilers endorsed by Energy Saving Trust for over fifteen years

Grant oil boilers endorsed by Energy Saving Trust for over fifteen years

For over fifteen the years, Grant oil boilers have been endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, an independent organisation that strives to help householders make informed decisions about their energy choices by identifying efficient solutions and products to fulfil their needs.

All 63 models within the Vortex and VortexBlue oil-fired boiler ranges are highly efficient, achieving up to 94.5% space heating efficiencies. When replacing an older oil-fired appliance, homeowners who choose a Grant boiler can be assured that their new boiler will use less fuel and perform at greater operating efficiencies, helping to reduce their energy bills and their household emissions. Grant is therefore very pleased that these exceptional efficiencies of all of their oil boilers have been endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust for another year.

The Energy Saving Trust was established in 1992 and over the years, the organisation has provided support to householders, governments and businesses to help them all acknowledge the need for energy efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions. Products that carry their Endorsed Product logo have been checked by the Energy Saving Trust to ensure that it meets industry agreed performance criteria, UK regulatory requirements as well as the EST’s own energy efficiency standards. All Grant boilers have fulfilled the Energy Saving Trust’s requirements for over fifteen years with the range proudly displaying the EST Endorsed Product logo for this duration.

“Developing efficient heating products has been at the heart of everything we do here at Grant for over forty years,” writes Paul Wakefield, Grant UK’s Managing Director. “Whether it is our latest renewable technologies or our comprehensive range of oil-fired boilers, we always strive to make our products the most efficient they can be and we achieve this through continuous product development. All our oil boilers use the latest low NOx burner technology with the VortexBlue models featuring the ultra-low NOx burner which has even lower emissions levels. We are incredibly pleased that the reliable, efficient operation of our boilers has been acknowledged by the Energy Saving Trust for so many years.”

Homeowners interested in reading more about Grant oil boilers should click here and heating engineers and professionals should visit here to discover more about the Vortex and VortexBlue models.

**Update** Please be advised that the Energy Saving Trust's product endorsement scheme closed on 1st March 2022.

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