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Afinia radiator combines sleek design and safe operation for children’s bedroom renovation

Afinia aluminum radiators have low energy consumption which can help reduce bills
This Afinia aluminium radiator has exceeded expectations

An Afinia aluminium radiator was selected and installed in a children’s bedroom when the room was redecorated throughout. The family wanted a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing radiator to warm the room and the Afinia has exceeded their expectations.

Choosing an appropriate heat emitter to warm a room while also being in keeping with the design of the space is a balance that more and more homeowners are looking for. When a family decided to redecorate their children’s bedroom, they not only wanted to paint the walls and update the furniture, but they also wanted to change the radiator that was previously installed. “When we redecorated the room, it was the ideal time for us to replace the old radiator with a better looking, more efficient model,” writes the homeowner. “We wanted a radiator that would complement the room design, keep the space comfortable and warm, and also it was essential that the radiator was appropriate for a children’s bedroom.”

The family opted for a horizontal eight section Afinia aluminium radiator to replace the traditional steel radiator that was originally in the room. Aluminium has better thermal conductivity compared to materials such as steel and cast iron so this, combined with their low water content, makes the Grant Afinia radiator more efficient than the steel radiator previously fitted. Furthermore, the installation of the radiator was quick and simple too – light in weight, supplied with robust wall brackets and with no electrics required, this Afinia model was fitted to the wall within half an hour.

The Afinia radiator has been installed for several months and the family are delighted with their choice. “The room is always warm and cosy,” comments the homeowner. “What is perfect about this Afinia radiator is that it does not get too hot to the touch making it an ideal, safe solution for an environment where children play and sleep. The radiator also looks more modern and sleek compared to the previous one which felt like such an eye-sore.”

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Afinia radiator combines sleek design and safe operation for children’s bedroom renovation
The Grant Afinia radiator is stylish in design, incredibly effective and safe for installation in areas where children play and relax

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