10 year guarantee on Grant VortexBlue oil boiler range is here to stay!

Grant UK are pleased to announce that their industry leading 10 year guarantee on the award-winning VortexBlue oil fired boiler is continuing beyond April 2017 (subject to Terms and Conditions).

In April last year, the 10 year guarantee on Grant VortexBlue boilers was introduced as a 12 month offer, due to finish in April 2017. The first of its kind in the oil market, this length of guarantee demonstrated Grant’s belief in the VortexBlue’s revolutionary technology while also delivering added peace of mind to homeowners and end-users. In response to its success and popularity, Grant UK is thrilled to confirm that the 10 year guarantee on their VortexBlue boilers is here to stay.

Since it was launched in March 2016, the VortexBlue range has extended its heating outputs, now being available with outputs ranging from 15kW up to 36kW. Consisting of fifteen models, including internal, external and combi boilers, the VortexBlue offers the latest clean-burning technology within the familiar housing of the renowned Grant Vortex oil boiler. Consequently, the Grant VortexBlue provides reliable, high efficiency heating while also delivering the all-important low NOx emissions which comply with forthcoming legislation.

Incorporating the Riello RDB BLU blue-flame burner, the VortexBlue range is designed to be easy to install and user friendly for engineers to work with. While the burner technology is very advanced, the boiler’s components are familiar especially to installers who regularly work with Grant oil boilers. Furthermore, all of the VortexBlue models have the same dimensions as their Vortex yellow-flame equivalent, so this latest range of oil boilers from Grant can be easily incorporated into existing spaces housing older heating appliances.

The 10 year guarantee available on the VortexBlue range has been, and will continue to be, exclusively available to Grant’s G-One Accredited Installer Network. The G-One Network now consists of over 2,000 installers based throughout England, Scotland and Wales who are able to access a range of benefits through the Scheme, including extended guarantees. G-One engineers who install and register a Grant VortexBlue can activate the 10 year parts and labour guarantee (subject to Terms and Conditions), which is five times longer than the standard Grant boiler guarantee.

In today’s world of greener thinking, homeowners want their homes to be reliably kept warm while also minimising their environmental impact. The Grant VortexBlue offers a solution to this, delivering high efficiencies with incredibly low emissions. Furthermore, end-users can benefit from the additional assurance that comes from a 10 year guarantee when their VortexBlue is installed by a G-One Accredited Installer.

Think Green. Install Blue. Enjoy 10 years of sustainable home heating.

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