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Grant Heat Pump Cylinders

Stainless steel unvented indirect, mains pressure cylinders for either Grant Aerona Air Source Heat Pumps or combining ASHP with solar thermal systems.

This collection of stainless steel cylinders are specifically matched to the Aerona ASHP, which incorporate a larger primary coil for quicker heat transference. The new cylinders are available in seven indirect single coil versions, ranging from 125-400 litres and five indirect twin coil versions ranging from 170-400 litres.

Every unit is manufactured from the highest specification 1mm thick duplex stainless steel. The outer casings are injected with 40mm of CFC/HCFC free, fire retardant polyurethane foam. This insulation ensures all models achieve surprisingly low standing heat losses and outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Domestic Hot Water Boost kit
Whilst it is possible to raise the DHW to 60ºC with an Aerona Air Source Heat Pump, it can be more efficient to set the hot water temperature between 45ºC and 50ºC and utilise Grant’s Domestic Hot Water Booster Kit to take the cylinder up to the desired higher temperature. This unit comprises an enclosure with 20A rated contactor, an override switch and relay, which works with the immersion element fitted in all Grant cylinders.