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Grant Heat Pump Cylinders

Grant Heat Pump Cylinder RangeDuplex stainless steel unvented indirect, mains pressure cylinders with single coil versions for air source heat pumps and a twin coil option for combining an additional heat source.

Heat Pump cylinders

The Grant range of stainless steel heat pump cylinders is specifically matched to Aerona air to water heat pump range, which incorporates a larger primary coil for quicker heat transference. The cylinders are available in seven indirect single coil versions, ranging from 125-400 litres and five indirect twin coil versions ranging from 170-400 litres.

Grant Heat Pump cylinders feature compression fittings which are conveniently located to make installation quicker and easier.

Domestic hot water(DHW) boost kit

There are two automatic boost kits available:

DHW Boost Kit 1 (not timed) automatically switches on the cylinders immersion element when the heat pump has raised the cylinder contents to about 45°C, taking the water up to the desired water temperature, set by the immersion thermostat. There is an override switch that allows the consumer to turn on the immersion. Part code: HPDHWBK1

DHW Boost Kit 2 (timed) has an additional feature of automatic bacteria protection. An integrated timer can be programmed to bring on the immersion either daily or weekly for a short period of time, allowing sanitisation of the cylinder contents. Part code: HPDHWBK2. This sanitisation regime is a requirement of SAP and should be fitted with every heat pump/cylinder installation.