Grant UK releases series of video case studies for biomass heating

Grant UK has created a trio of videos focusing on the installation of a Spira biomass boiler from both the perspectives of the homeowner and installer. The videos showcase the ease with which a biomass heating system can be installed and how this renewable technology is a viable alternative to traditional heating methods for both the homeowner and installer.

youtube pic 1The first video follows the journey of an engineer installing a twin Grant Spira condensing wood pellet boiler. Scott Lemon from SHS Building Services explains why he is turning towards biomass installations, and describes the support that he has received from Grant UK. Predominately installers of oil and gas appliances, SHS Building Supplies want to offer biomass as another option for their customers. Scott attended a biomass course at the Grant Training Academy which he describes as a “refreshing experience” and now, as Grant accredited biomass installers, he can recommend to customers a cleaner, sustainable and efficient heating system as an alternative to fossil fuel fired systems.

In the video, Scott also emphasises that turning to biomass is not a daunting process for installers who normally fit oil or gas appliances. Describing the installation of the Spira boiler as “so simple”, Scott explains how Grant biomass technologies are easy to work with being both user-friendly for the installer and end-user.

The two remaining videos follow the homeowner who details the factors that influenced their decision to choose biomass and their thoughts of the Spira boiler once it had been installed within their property. Based in Hampshire, Mr Price wanted to upgrade his existing heating appliances to a more practical, effective system. The property was previously heated by a log fuelled boiler accompanied by a ground source heat pump, the former of which involved much time and maintenance to sustain. Due to the size and location of the property, oil or biomass boilers were the only suitable alternatives. Mr Price favoured the latter technology, preferring the cleanliness of the fuel and the ease of storing wood pellets compared to oil.

The Renewable Heat Incentive also influenced Mr Price’s decision who describes choosing to install a biomass boiler as “a no brainer”. The Domestic RHI tariff rates for biomass boilers have reduced over recent months but they still offer homeowners a competitive return. The sustainability and lack of volatility of wood pellet supplies alongside the financial incentive of the RHI were all factors which contributed to Mr Price’s decision to install a Spira biomass boiler into his property.

Grant Spira Biomass boiler control panelThe last video visits Mr Price after the completion of the Spira boiler installation. Describing his new twin Spira biomass boiler, Mr Price explains how quiet the system is and praises the ease with which the appliance is maintained. Being fully automatic, the Spira, SpiraVac vacuum system and bulk pellet store all communicate so that minimal human interference is required. While the Spira provides effective and efficient heating, Mr Price anticipates emptying the ash pan approximately once every three months. Furthermore, the bulk pellet store will ensure that sufficient wood pellets can be stored at the property to fuel months of continuous heating. “The new boiler is fantastic” concludes Mr Price who reiterates that he cannot identify any downsides to installing biomass technologies, such as the Grant Spira boiler.

To view these latest case study videos, please click here.

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