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Product approvals and certifications

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Wood Pellet Boiler MCS approval certificate

Download Wood Pellet Boilers MCS approval certificate Download

RHI emission certificate

Download Announcement by OFGEM – 20 December 2013                                                      Air quality requirements were introduced on 24th September 2013, but it was subsequently recognised that there was an issue with the practical application of these for some boilers of 500kW and under in relation to the standards BS EN 14792:2005 and BS EN 13284-1:2002 or BS ISO 9096:2003 that testing must comply with. To resolve this DECC have made an amendment to the RHI Regulations 2013 which has now come into force. Included in the updated template is clarification of our current approach to the question on maximum fuel moisture content. Entering a value which has been obtained from a range of permissible moisture content  in EN 303-5 based on fuel type tested is acceptable. We have engaged with industry and DECC regarding possible approaches to providing a maximum permissible fuel moisture content that will result in emissions that don't exceed the RHI emission limits. This has resulted in agreement that an acceptable approach to this would be entering a value which has been obtained from a range of permissible moisture content  in EN 303-5 based on fuel type tested. We apologise for any delay this has caused for testing/application progress. Applications that are with us that have certificates affected by this will be progressed. The date from which payments are received for accredited installations will not be affected by this. Download

Air Source Heat Pump MCS approval certificate

Download Grant UK ASHP MCS approval certificate Download

Solar Thermal KeyMark approval

Download Solar Thermal Keymark approval certificate Download
Download Summary of EN 12975 test results (annex to Solar KEYMARK certificate) Download

G83 approvals

Download G83 Certificate of compliance - Inverter Download

Solar PV MCS approval certificate

Download Solar PV MCS approval certificate Download