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Biomass Boilers – An Overview

Property developer chooses Grant Biomass for New build

Biomass boilers are the RHI approved boiler of choice to replace fossil fuelled appliances.

Increases in oil and gas prices have meant that many homeowners are looking for an alternative source of heating and hot water. Grant boilers offer a great solution.

Unlike fossil fuels which are a depleting resource, biomass fuel can be sourced from a “closed carbon cycle” system.  This is an environmentally friendly way of harvesting fuel to heat your home or building.

A closed carbon cycle system is one where the amount of carbon emitted during the burning of biomass fuel is balanced by the planting of trees, therefore cancelling out the harmful effects of  heat being released into our atmosphere.  Trees need carbon dioxide to grow so it is good partnership, one which is environmentally friendly.

Grant biomass boilers are additionally included in the Government’s Domestic RHI scheme.

Biomass boilers and wood pellet fuel

The term biomass refers to a type of fuel used as an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal.  Generally the term biomass can refer to either animal or vegetable carbon derived matter which could be in the form of either wooden logs, wood pellets or chips – wooden pellets being the most energy efficient.  Our Spira condensing biomass boiler uses this most effective and beneficial of biomass fuel – wood pellets.

Wood pellets are small cylindrical pieces of waste wood.  Wooden logs and chips retain moisture and therefore absorb more energy before combustion takes place.  On the other hand wood pellets have the moisture completely removed which allows combustion to take place faster, therefore ensuring maximum energy release in the quickest time possible.

Our boilers have many benefits including:

A rapid ignition system with modulating burner

This means our boilers operate in much the same manner as a standard gas boiler to give you a greater degree of control of your energy output and control.

Require little intervention

Grant are proud to have a unique self-cleaning design and automated fuel feed so the need for you to intervene is kept to a minimum.

Lower energy consumption and greater efficiency than our competitors

A boiler using biomass fuel is far more cost effective to run than fossil fuel boilers.  Due to the extreme efficiency of our boilers (up to 94%) thanks to our award winning patented baffle system, we are able to provide you with the most efficient boilers on the market.

Uses wood pellets as opposed to other types of biomass fuel

During the burning of biomass fuel any water content must be evaporated prior to combustion, this requires additional energy.  Our boilers use the most efficient form of biomass fuel which is wooden pellets.  Compared to logs and wood chips these have a very low moisture content.  This helps with their combustion efficiency and therefore reduces your energy consumption.

Suitable for home use

Grant wood pellet boilers are a safe, cost effective and convenient way to heat your home.  One thing to consider is the amount of space you may require.  Our Grant Spira biomass Boiler is designed to be housed in either a garage or out-house so where it will be located at your home is an important consideration before purchasing.  The boilers use an automatic feed for the wood pellet fuel too which means more convenience for you, combine this with our self cleaning system and our boilers are by far the best product available on the market.


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