Environmental Commitment

Grant heating technologies are not only highly efficient when operating, but they are also designed and manufactured using the BATNEEC approach. BATNEEC guidelines recommend that product efficiency should be evaluated with consideration of the development process too. The focus is on the techniques that prevent pollution throughout the production line, which include implementing process design or redesign changes which reduce emissions and eliminate wastes that pose an environmental threat; incorporating sustainable and more environmentally friendly materials throughout; and demonstrating waste minimisation through process control, inventory control and of end-of-line technologies.

Grant has an environmental management system which sets goals and objectives at the start of each year. Key energy saving actions include…

  • Electricity for the manufacturing plant is provided by Airtricity (eco power is 100% wind generated)
  • We have a number of energy saving devices on the building e.g. solar, biomass heating, automatic LED energy saving lights.
  • Aim to reduce the amount of product packaging, by consistent monitoring ensuring only a minimum is used.
  • Negotiating back haulage with outlets to reduce CO2 produced from transport. This saves up to 40% CO2.
  • Aim to reduce domestic wastes sent to landfill. Approximately 70% of all product waste is recycled including paper, cardboard, plastic, scrap steel, metals and timber.
  • Office waste is recycled, including paper, plastics, cardboard, obsolete electronic equipment and even printer cartridges.
  • Have an IPCC license, which is a single integrated permit, granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that covers all emissions and environmental management of the facility.
  • Process water is monitored ensuring no pollutants are released to sewers.
  • Only use contractors with waste transport license and permits
  • All paint sludge waste is fully traceable to safe disposal at its final destination.
  • Weekly inspections of both premises are carried out on all oil tanks and surface waters to ensure there are no pollution leaks.
  • Certified member of REPAK, who assume responsibility to fund the recovery/recycling of packaging.

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